Kasol, Tosh and Malana are a 4 day spending guide

tosh trek

Kasol’s daze parties and the way of life of nonconformists were better known for quite a while. Surely, the primary thing individuals were inquiring as to whether we were in weed when we wanted to visit here in 2016. Evidently, just to get high and gathering you just visited Kasol 

In any case, it is protected to say that our essential objective of visiting Parvati Valley absolutely was definitely not. We visited Kasol on the grounds that we read about the glorious Parvati stream and the lovely mountains. Obviously, this is a heaven for stoners, however, it isn’t only a spot for stoning. This is where you can at long last open up your wings and involvement with all its magnificence the excellence of Mother Nature. 

In any case, it’s protected to say that our primary objective to visit the Parvati Valley positively wasn’t. We visited Kasol on the grounds that we read about the dazzling mountains and the stunning Parvati waterway. Positively, it is a heaven for stoners, however it is more than just a position of stoning. It is a spot to at long last disentangle your wings and experience Mother Nature’s magnificence in the entirety of its greatness. 

We have referenced in this article all the data you need to design a fruitful visit to this lovely spot Tosh trek journey. What’s more, for a long end of the week, this will set you back close to 5000 INR. You heard me right! Indeed, you heard me right! In reality, you can go through a four-day visit through this mainstream objective in Himachal Pradesh, read how. 

The most effective method to Reach Kasol 

Presently you may consider how to arrive at Kasol and afterward those different spots that knock your socks off. Try not to stress, we’ll cover that too. This famous Himachal objective can in a perfect world be reached differently. 


The Bhuntar air terminal is around 32 km away from Kasol’s nearest air terminal. Delhi and Chandigarh fly routinely to Bhuntar so you can reach both of them. On the off chance that you intend to head out from Delhi to Kasol and need to invested no energy in the street, it is a decent choice to fly. 

You can take a transport from Bhuntar to Kasol for about 2.5-3 hours, from which it takes 80 – 100 INR. Private cabs for 700 – 1000 INR are additionally accessible here, which require about 1.5-2 hours to show up at Kasol. 


The Jogindernagar Railway Station is the nearest rail line station to Kasol, 125 km away. The excursion requires around 10 hours with a traveler train to Jogindernagar from Pathankot Railway Station. The expense of the train is around 50 INR, yet just in the event that you have a ton of extra time. 


From here you can take a transport to Kasol that requires around 5-6 hours and costs roughly 150-200 INR. Private taxicabs can cost around 2500 – 3000 INR from here, as well. This is a decent and practical alternative for individuals arranging an outing from Delhi to Kasol however it requires some investment. 

You can generally design an excursion to Kasol on the off chance that you start from close by urban communities as Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla and so on The space of Kasol is 522 kilometers from Delhi, 290 kilometers from Chandigarh, and 229 kilometers from Shimla. You can leave at 3-4 o’clock promptly in the evening and arrive at Kasol. 

Arriving at Bhuntar/Kullu 

There would likewise be a chance of taking transports to Kasol. Tragically, no immediate transports to Kasol are accessible so you need to get first to Bhuntar/Kullu. Both nearby transports and private taxicabs are accessible to get to Kasol from here. This is a decent alternative for individuals arranging an excursion from Delhi to Kasol as a few transports to Bhuntar/Kullu are accessible the entire day. 

Private/Volvo transports can be utilized for Bhuntar or Kullu or transport administration for the Himachal. The HRTC site will cost you about INR 680 for Bhuntar, INR 700 for Kullu for conventional transports, and you can book a ticket for your own. 

Hirsute and Volvo are additionally accessible in the two areas going from 1100 to 1500 INR. You may check for a less expensive Volvo administration for private mentors like Redbus, Goibibo, and so forth 

Bhuntar/Kullu to Kasol 

You discover choices on both transports and lodges whenever you’ve arrived at Bhuntar. Obviously, transports will cost you around 50 INR for every individual some place less expensive. It requires 3-4 hours to get to Kasol, in any case. I’d exhort against it in case you’re in a rush. 

For seven individuals from Bhuntar, a taxi would cost you around 1500-2000 INR, which you could impart to other people. That is the thing that we’ve done, at any rate. The excursion among Bhuntar and Kasol took us just 2 hours and cost us around 200 INR for every individual. Also, hello, in transit as well, we made new companions!