How to become pro in IPL fantasy cricket?

How to become pro in IPL fantasy cricket?

We all were sad, IPL 2021 was stopped because Corona 2nd wave in India. Cricket fans from all over the world have begun to get excited for this to start all over again. A large part of the ongoing excitement can be attributed to the IPL fantasy leagues, which have become more popular in the last few years as fantasy cricket has become an intimate part of the games. Fans and cricket pundits participate in IPL Fantasy League by making their own predictions of the upcoming IPL season.

What Is IPL Fantasy League 2021?

This virtual game is actually called IPL Fantasy League. Through the use of virtual currency, players can create their own cricket teams. In order to create a team from these real-life players, a virtual value is assigned to each player of the various IPL teams. In addition to these limitations, foreign players are restricted to a limited number in a team and an uncapped Indian cricketer must be included. Download the IPL money earning app and play IPL Fantasy League 2021. 

Over the course of the tournament, the teams have an allowance for changes. A virtual player’s performance is reflected in the points he earns for his team. If he scores runs, takes wickets, holds catches, maintains a high strike rate, lowers the economy rate, force run-outs, etc. are all included. Depending on the total points scored by all participants, a prize can be awarded as a real prize or cash.

IPL Fantasy Rules

IPL Fantasy follows the same rules as any other fantasy tournament. These requirements must be met by users building their own teams.

  1. At least one wicketkeeper with maximum four wickets
  2. The minimum is three and the maximum is six batsmen
  3. An all-round player who can play four positions at the most
  4. The number of bowlers must be at least three and not to exceed six
  5. The maximum number of overseas players is four
  6. The players from a single IPL franchise can’t exceed seven

During the tournament, teams may make certain changes. A virtual player’s performance is reflected in the points he earns for his team. The total number of runs, wickets taken, catches held, strike or economy rate, number of runouts, etc. are all considered. A real prize or cash award can be decided at the end of the tournament based on the cumulative score of the participants.

Here are some tips and tricks for the IPL fantasy game

Although IPL Fantasy is supposed to be a virtual game for entertainment purposes, if you are consistently on top of the leader board and win prizes, you can actually win season tickets and merchandise. To become a successful fantasy player, you need to know some fantasy tips and tricks.

  1. Build a strong core team

You might want to have an experienced core team, since the number of changes available is limited. A player’s future form must be taken into account when constructing one, as well as the possibility of them appearing in every game. In many of the games, the captain and vice-captain of a team will be prominent.

  1. Putting Indians front and center

The number of overseas players participating in a match is limited, even though they play a crucial role. Consequently, they are less likely to do well in a fantasy league as well. Yet, it’s clear that the team with more Indians has a better chance of winning. Therefore, you must increase the strength of your Indian team

  1. The best players overseas are those who you choose wisely

Fantasy teams are limited to four overseas players. Thus, choosing them wisely is essential. To select overseas players who are in the best form, they must have recently performed well. In order to avoid losing a valuable change if they are not able to perform, you will most definitely drop them in the next match.

  1. Those who are all-rounders are GOLD

Consider it as an opportunity to earn points. Batters and bowlers tend to be all-rounders. In the end, you get more points as a result of him. In order to solidify your team, you must make use of all three of the available all-rounders.

  1. Players who are uncapped are DIAMONDS

A minimum of one uncapped player is required for each team in the IPL fantasy format. Uncapped players are Indian cricketers who have not represented their country in international competition. They only cost you a few points in comparison with the big guns. They can, however, become cheap bargains and become explosive. For your fantasy team, you might be able to choose the best domestic cricket players.

  1. Start Slow

As a result of recent auction buys, player form, and availability, there are always significant changes in the team combination. You shouldn’t make too many transfers until your team has played its first two matches. Players will begin to give good points after team lineups are stabilized and player roles and positions have been defined.

Although this period could be a factor, because things are unclear initially, but as the tournament progresses, players and strategies will become clearer. Therefore, be selective and cautious when you play (aggressive/conservative).

Wait until 2/3 of the schedule is over before stressing about your overall ranking. Don’t think about anything else but your strategy. The first few games will see countless transfers between players which will lead to the top of the table. They will reach their transfer limit by mid-season, and then they will either play with substitutions only or quit the game.

  1. Transferring as much value as possible

The number of transfers will be the same for all fantasy players. The key lies in the way we utilize these transfers. When we make a transfer of a player, we need to consider the number of matches that player will be carried forward. Transferring a player into a match and then transferring him out after the match would reduce the value of that transfer.

A player can certainly be transferred for one match, of course. The captain or vice president of that team should be a player with a high score in that case.


Hope, after following these tips and tricks you will be able to enjoy in IPL game earn money through it as well.